COACHd – 10 July 2020 – #9

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As I woke this morning, the dawn chorus was in full flow. The beautiful sound of the birds warbling was beautiful to listen to. As the sun rays started to penetrate the cool air, I was thinking about gratitude. The last few days have been particularly challenging, I have not been able to settle, and that word productive had dropped out of my vocabulary. I have come across a post by a fellow coach, Heather Moulder, that powerfully talks about life not being the same after a major illness. I share this, as, in these times of great change, this has resonated with me. I have not met Heather, and I have not had a serious illness, but this really resonated. She talked about “It’s human to want things to return to normal.” and that

“Don’t waste your time looking back on what you’ve lost. Move on, for life is not meant to be travelled backwards.”



On 23rd July, a small group of disruptors are organising a morning provocation inviting us to think and engage differently with our future.

If this is of interest, we are taking bookings now with all proceeds being given to a small charity, Circles Network. They build inclusive communities on the foundations of justice, advocacy, empowerment and friendships. So something that really resonates.

I have also come across a new coaching model built on the Mnemonic SUCCESS. I particularly like this as it can be applied with our clients, and also as a personal introspection tool. SUCCESS stands for


Unbounded Self-Love/Care

Client Can Be

Energy Focus


Spirit Acknowledgement

I have not used this in a coaching situation yet, but this resonates with perhaps how many of our clients feel at the moment, One question from Energy Focus particularly jumped out to me – What fuels your passions?

Have a great weekend.


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COACHd – 26 June 2020 – #8

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I wake up this morning having watched a game of football last night that saw Liverpool crowned as Premier League champions. It has taken 30 years, £1.47Bn spent, 239 different players and nine permanent managers to achieve it. But it means so much beyond just the field of football.

We see a manager, a leader that has pulled together the culture of the club, the temperaments of the players and the ego of future achievement and capability.

Isn’t this what we need in business?

The ability to get the best band of people together to do the job. To adapt to the changing scenarios, to celebrate the wins and defeats as opportunities to learn, grow and become even more higher performing.

As small business owners, it is unlikely that we will have the same spending options as Liverpool, but we do have the capability to act in the way of champions by defining who we are and how we work with our clients. We too, can beome champions in our own right by adopting a passionate and focused path to what is our objective.

Along the way, we will pick up some skills, some knocks, some disappointments and some wins. This experience invigorates us to be the one we are.

What I am trying to do through this weekly COACHd piece, is to share tips, tricks and thoughts that have helped to get me to where I am. Although this is very much still work in progress and far far away from me being a champion, my route is clear.

Although not specifically coaching, a great example of a hand down technique – a few years ago, I was designing an intervention with a friend that was going to be delivered by email to clients on a regular basis. Now, of course, we have an abundance of the online capability to help us formulate approaches – but then email was about as good as it got. When we were researching for a particular sequence, we came across an online piece by the American Jim Rohn. Jim is epitomized in the quote

“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenge, wish for more wisdom.”

One method that has stuck is a story about financial choice. He suggests a robust method to deal with money. For every cheque he earnt, he suggested:-

  • 70% of the money is used to live off
  • 10% on active investment (savings)
  • 10% on passive investment (nest egg space)
  • 10% worthwhile causes

Adapting this for business is therefore straight forward and leads to some financial prudence. I use a bank account from Starling Bank since it opened. In Starling, there are areas called spaces and you can have as many of them as you want. I have one for VAT, reserves, savings, Corporation Tax, and paid clients but not yet delivered. Every time I receive an invoice payment,

  1. I put 20% straight away into the VAT,
  2. 10% into reserves, and
  3. at the end of the month bump anything above running costs into the savings space.

If I pay myself dividends, I take 20% and put it in the corporation tax space. Similarly, when I receive payment for programs, I place this into the paid clients not delivered – transferring it only to current when I have delivered.

Next month we are meeting for Co-Coaching but this is walking outdoors. Usually, we meet in a pub and walk from there but having contacted a few pubs, some are focusing on just getting their COVID service sorted out – so we will revert to the street wisdom idea of guided self-reflection in your area… please come and join the fun over here.

Have a great Friday and I hope to see you soon.

COACHd – 19 June 2020 – #7

It has been wonderful this week to hear how some are adapting to the world of COVID. Understanding, Adapting where appropriate and reshaping our offer is, I believe, going to be key in our future survival. But perhaps understanding what is going on locally and UK wide might be useful.

On Wednesday, I attended a chamber of commerce briefing on Q2 performance (you can access a recording here). It drew into focus the challenge that we face as we dig deep and help to pull out of the COVID pandemic. 

For interest, the 10 priorities for the West Midlands recovery are as below.

The Bank of England has also published its summary of business conditions for the same quarter.

Some of the key points were

  • More companies are reopening as lockdown restrictions ease, but activity remains very weak
  • Some businesses will need to borrow more when they reopen. Government schemes are helping to support that
  • Redundancies are likely to increase in the coming months as demand remains weak and the Job Retention Scheme is phased out
  • A number of (service-based) companies said they don’t expect to return to onsite working until the autumn, and even then only to a limited extent to ensure social distancing.

This creates hope in some cases, but also realism for the challenge that we all face.

We have seen how our industry bodies are assisting in our coaching space. For example, the ICF has an online video series that is entitled “Making the Shift to Virtual Coaching”, and the Association for Coaching has suggested some resources : –

I have also attended a webinar this week on converting hourly-paid customers to value-based charging models. Start by asking,

“What value do I add to the client?”

From this work out a share of this value. A big step and something that I am trying to get my head around. If you are doing this already or are interested, please get in touch as it might be worth a group call?

The next Co-Coaching is on 6th July. As it is the traditional walking co-coaching session, the session will be based around self-coaching using the street wisdom technique. If we can meet in a pub, or meet up for a walk then of course we will do that. Please do get booked on.

If you know any events that might be of interest to the community, please do register them here so that we can share the message to more.

I hope you have a fantastic Friday – and please stay safe.

COACHd – 12th June 2020 – #6

Wow! I am still on a high from the Open Space meets Co-Coaching event that ran on Monday. It was wonderful to witness the richness of conversation, exploration and discovery that so many enjoyed. I was nervous about the ‘networking’ – but didn’t it work well. If you missed this event, another one will be run later in the year perhaps on a slightly different topic.

The next Co-Coaching is a walk and talk. I am hoping that as we withdraw from lockdown that we will be able to meet outdoors. If not, then I have an alternative plan… More later but do please get booked on.

Earlier in the week, I dropped something up on LinkedIn – asking people howHow are you today they are feeling at the moment. The results do tie in with what I am also hearing from clients, so perhaps there are some opportunities there.

  • The question though is how will you show up?
  • How will you help your clients to satisfy some of the feelings that they have at the moment?

There is a new page on The Coach Zone. The page lists some of the services, tools and providers that I use in my day to day activities. I mention them because I just find them to work and offer a very simple to understand interface. From web hosting through social media scheduling tools to file organization – I have these listed. I realise that I am PC centric so do let me know of anything for other platforms.

I started listing events last week. You can find these across at the website here. To be honest it is a bit scant at the moment so please do remember if you are aware of any to drop the details here and subject to a few checks, they will be put up.

Massive shout out now to our friend Rachael who is hosting the next Coaching Central event where Fiona will be running a session on Transformational Coaching- adding value by connecting with our values. More details on event and bookings here.

Stay safe, and enjoy the weekend.

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COACHd – 5th June 2020 – #5

COACHd - 5 June 2020

I am often asked by my friends and acquaintances how I am at the moment. They know that I run my own business and that as such I must be finding it tough (and it is). Things that we have long taken for granted are now not achievable, and we do not really know for how long the situations are on us. But the counter is also true. Things that used to not be achievable are now.

The people that understand me, recognise that I view these times as an opportunity or as one of my coaching clients explained to me – a free experiment.

In an article, the author talks about a note that she found that said “Life may put you down, but staying down is a choice”.

We can design, we can think, we can choose and we can build what our future will be.

Remember also that the power of mindfulness can help keep everything in check. New techniques such as Online Mindfulness-Based Therapy and some conventional apps such as Headspace and Brain.FM can really assist in accessing good mindful techniques

But not everyone is on the same path as us. Some are struggling with isolation, lockdown, illness and mortality. As a coach, we will and are coming across these situations where our boundaries may be challenged. In a webinar as part of this years WBECs, Peter Hawkins suggested that contracting needs to be frequently revisited especially at times of massive change. Are you still operating as you should as a coach or have your interventions become blurred?

I mention WBECS (World Business and Executive Coaching Summit). This is an online global coaching event that runs each year. You can register now for free for the Pre-summit – something I would highly recommend as sessions are run by some of the thought leaders in our profession. Great & free CPD…

The forthcoming Click and Connect Coaching sessions are as below. I have found these to be highly therapeutic and wonderful to connect on a different level with other coaches that are transitioning through this COVID world. They are for an hour(ish) and start at 12:00 on the following dates : 10th June 2020 , 17th June 2020 and 24th June 2020. For more information on this please contact me.

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On Monday, there is Co-Coaching. Slightly different this month in that we are offering up the opportunity to explore any subject area that you would like in small groups. The theme is Open Space meets Co-Coaching. More information for Open Space meets Co Coaching is here.

Do also let me know of any other events/dates you are aware of and I will try and get them out.

I usually finalise this short prose on Wednesday so please get this to me by then if you want this highlighted that week. Please use this form to let me know.

Please also visit here for an online calendar.

COACHd – 29 May 2020

As we approach week 11 of lockdown, it appears that the tide is changing as certain aspects of our economy and country start to unlock. This is very welcome as I am sure that this will also start materialising in recognition of the benefits that coaching can bring to people.

It was great to see people on this weeks Click and Connect Session. If you haven’t been to one yet – a small group of us meet online every Wednesday at 12 for and hour. There is no agenda but a support group for coaches that are living and experience this COVID experience. Already, the group has built a great environment of support that is helping to see us through.

Details of the sessions can be found by getting COACHd each week.

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In the last COACHd, I suggested asking the question – If you were to make a list of 5 things that you are doing differently or discovering now – what would they be? It would be great to hear what you are thinking. Perhaps as you reflect, it might be time to rekindle your supervision as you reflect on your skills as a coach and how you ‘are going to turn up’ for your coachees.

Thanks to @Mel for highlighting a fascinating article in The Guardian about walking. Like many, I am doing my extra bit of exercise, but this article (Entitled “Walk this way! How to optimise your stride and focus your mind to get the most from your daily stroll”) helps you to walk properly. Some great tips such as lifting your head before looking over your shoulder, passive foot strike and avoiding skaters walk – jeez, I thought I was doing great.

Some events coming up for those interested : –

8th June                     Open Space meets Co-Coaching (This is the Co-coaching session for June so please do book on ASAP). More details on the website

30th June – 1st July  British Psychological Society Conference (Online)

Do let me know of any other events/dates you are aware of and I will try and get them out. I usually finalise this short prose on Wednesday so please get this to me by then if you want this highlighted that week. Please use this form to let me know. It is also the intention to add these to The Coach Zone website.

Stay safe, and enjoy the sunny weekend.  

COACHd – 22 May 2020

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I hope that you have had a good week and welcome to the latest COACHd issue. I am starting to observe that as we are instructed to stay alert that people are coming out of hibernation and that this is starting to have an impact on the wider community. This impact is caused by programmed human nature starting to revert to type.

This could also be happening to us.

Our programmes are starting to kick in, as we jump in that car, or decide to ‘meet’ people again. But perhaps what could be useful is to take a step back before we subconsciously revert.

Ask the question –

If you were to make a list of 5 things that you are doing differently or discovering now – what would they be? Take a look across here for more.

I was also discussing with another coach about reverting to face to face meetings. Perhaps accepting assumptions, or making assumptions could be too early – notice your reactions as you ponder these three questions.

1. When is this going to be appropriate for you?
2. When is this going to be appropriate for your client?
3. Where are you going to meet?

In a previous COACHd, I introduced the June Co-Coaching as Open Space meets Co-Coaching. This is going to be so different with agendas not being driven by accepted traditional thought leaders (apologies if you are), but free-formed on the day through different sessions. For those that have booked on – thanks, you will get an invite to the new platform over the next few days.

If you haven’t booked on, please do and also pass out to your friends and colleagues. The more the merrier.

So how is it going to work? The agenda is on the website, but simply put there is time for networking and discussion. The discussion topics will be decided on the day (and if oversubscribed by vote) and will run in 3 separate sessions throughout the afternoon. You dip in as you want to. Your support would be fantastic.

Stay safe, and enjoy the long weekend.

COACHd – 15 May 2020

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Into more lockdown we go, furlough extended, a senior health official at WHO declares COVID is here for some time, business interruption loan scheme issues £6bn, and significant recession is forecasted officially by the chancellor. 

It all makes challenging reading, and there are more examples of uncertainty out there that makes it even more tricky for us as small business owners, and solopreneurs to predict the future. 

Yesterday, I stumbled across a piece on LinkedIn from Simon Sinek entitled ‘Using your Why to pivot’. It so resonated. The reason I am who I am is that I strive to understand my why! I strive to understand (and check-in) with the reasons behind why I do what I do. The why for me is that I want to enable, motivate, cajole and encourage others to do what they want to do. This is the destination. 

The method of how I do this is the journey. 

I think of a railway track, sometimes I go into sidings, sometimes negotiate into the fast track, explore the countryside as I pass through it, and sometimes must turn around and re-do. Reaching the destination is a tension and a dilemma. Will I master it? Probably not, as when I reach the end of the short-haul, I notice another subtle change in direction that can make it even better. 

Clarity then is not in what I do. Clarity is in why I do it. It is in purpose and all the activity, goals and objectives are generated to drive me toward that purpose. 

In a pre-covid time, I wrote a blog which suggests a model helping us to examine our Why. If we can understand our Why, then we can work on our reaction to the even more uncertain space that we are occupying now. We can control how we show up. 

Have fun with this short soiree into my thinking and do let me know where this brief interrupt takes you. 

Have a good weekend. 

PS – if you know any coaches that may benefit from this coach only circulation, please do pass it on. It is available online here and they can register to receive their own copy. 

PPS – Time to get booked onto the OpenSpace meets Co-Coaching event on 8th June afternoon. 

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COACHd – 8 May 2020

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As we wait to hear from Boris on Sunday about the potential easing of lockdown, like many others, I am fearful, nervous but also excited and encouraged.

I hope that we can put this experience behind us and move forward with vigour (always the optimist…). It makes me reflect on two questions that I was asked by a friend yesterday that I thought to pass on.

  • What lessons have you learnt that you are going to take forward as we move ahead?
  • What have you learnt about yourself that will help your personal development further?

On Monday, a group met online at the monthly Co-Coaching. A good session by all reports and thanks for the feedback. 

At the start of the session on Monday, we explored a quick (and useful) feedback model that was then used to provide feedback to the coach. I gave the link out to this during the call, but just in case you didn’t manage to access this – the link is here. The file is a PDF document that you can either fill in on a device and send by email or print out and hand to the person. 

Next month is going to be on the theme of Open Space meets Co-Coaching. More details over on the website. 

I have also been reminded in a recent conversation more about the need for financial planning. This is especially important at the moment when things are tight. You may already have a model that you use but if you haven’t – a download is here for you to think about. I do find that templates made by someone else do not always work (and I am not an accountant …), so please do amend and make it your own.

I hope that you have a great bank holiday weekend.

Have a fun week. 

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COACHd – 1 May 2020

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Do you crave for a bit more stability at the moment … but can’t seem to find it?

I have been there and am now fighting my way through a certain place that is a defining period in all our lives.

Our businesses will change as we embrace virtual more – but I get Zoom weary and it really does not replace the face to face contact that our brains need to function. In an ICF webinar on Wednesday night, it was suggested that many of us are running on adrenalin, and this cannot be good for the long term. The behaviour of our customers is changing as they move from a thrive to survive mode. However, take solace that there has never been a better time to coach as people experience struggle to understand their major life changes which will impact the way they are.

Next week is International Coaching Week so perhaps reach out to someone that you really want to coach. #timetobebrave 🙂

One new learning for me this week has been to revisit my figures. Have a look at the quick reminder of the figures that we should know and also a quick and ready calculator that can help you work out an hourly rate for your coaching. Enjoy these – it is amazing how pivotal some assumptions are that we take.

Have a fun week.

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